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Muffler (HKS Original Muffler, Aftermarket Muffler)

* Pick up and SUV Muffler

HKS, we are one of the leader of the tuning system. We develop all the engine system, such as intake system and supercharge engine system.
The exhaust developing system is considered to be a part of tuning.
In order to support automobile market in Thailand, we have also manufactured the exhaust systems, starting from front pipe, for Pick-up cars and SUV vehicles.
This would also increasing the effiency of vehicle.

* Passenger Car Muffler

HKS is a leader of the Tuning System, we are developing all of engine systems,such Intake System till Supercharge Engine System.
Our perspective, Exhaust Developing System is one of the Tuning.
For passenger vehicle in Thailand, all of Exhaust Systems can be produced for all models.
Design of finisher is made from Titanium, which are a modern design and it can be responsed the demands of the users.