Technical Info.

We choose the continuous advantex glass wool to reduce the noise and keep sound quality after using a long time.

- the normal fiber glass wool

- the continuous Advantex Glass Wool

Advantex Glass Wool

Glass wool's conclusion



  • In order to improve the sound performance, we choose the continuous advantex glass wool.
  • In addition, a rapidly growing industry, the accumulation of knowhow improve the noise reduction and other developments. We will continue to improve our performance.
  • Advantex glass wool compared with other fibers, It can resist a heat very well more. It reduce fixation and deterioration of the fibers. We make our products for long term use.
  • We use Advantex glass wool for produce in Thailand and Japan and keep a good quality by HKS standard.

*1 750 km long 35 μ superfine continuous of fiber glass wool
*2 Advantex is a registered trademark of Owens Corning

Heat Resistance of glass wool

Temperature Normal glass wool Advantex
(General Exhaust Gas Temperature)
No change No change
(Low Temperature of heat set)
Start losing Elasticity No change
(High Temperature of heat set)
Elasticity lowered Start losing Elasticity
(Low Temperature of Sintering)
Completely Melted No Elasticity
Advantex is resist the heat highly about 100℃

*3 Heat Set : Material change in heat. Glass wool loses elasticity.
*4 Sintering : Glass wool is melted and sintered.